Something really cool arose this week on Earth. Apparently, a series of extraterrestrial radio signals share a common characteristic that indicates outer space aliens may not just reside in science fiction books anymore. Why, you ask? Well, that’s because these signals – fast radio bursts (FRB) – all have the same peculiar dispersion measurement of 187.5cm−3. Or something like that... 

Apparently, within the last couple of days or so, a budget session in Japan’s national parliament involving that country’s defense minister centered on aliens and reports of UFOs in Japanese airspace...

Singer-songwriter Sia believes in outer space aliens and cites a former government official’s admission the American Government is working with them. Stuff of science fiction books? Here’s what Sia reportedly said...

In the News - A project called the “Hunt for Exomoons with Kepler” (HEK) is the first systematic search for exomoons – or moons that circle planets outside our solar system – using data from NASA's Kepler telescope to find signs of aliens. Ok, if you really prefer “signs of extraterrestrial life” instead of aliens, please feel free to insert that phrase for yourself...

In the News – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) apparently isn’t aware of any science fiction type government conspiracy that purposefully discharges chemical or biological nastiness into our atmosphere. Those steamy condensation trails way up in the sky are not “chemtrails,” they are contrails – frozen water vapor from aircraft engine exhaust pipes. You know, innocuous stuff of high-altitude flight, and not the stuff of science fiction fantasies...

[Albuquerque, NM March 17, 2015]  Science fiction author Daniel P. Douglas announced his debut science fiction novel, 'Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project', has been recognized as a finalist in the 17th annual Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards. Each year, Foreword Reviews shines a light on a select group of indie publishers, university presses, and self-published authors whose work stands out from the crowd. In the next three months, a panel of more than 100 volunteer librarians and booksellers will determine the winners in 63 categories based on their experience with readers and patrons...

President Obama Jokes (or Confirms) the Grand (as in “Majestic”) Science Fiction Conspiracy about Aliens and UFOs on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

In an article entitled “Obama says space aliens control USA: Was he joking?” our President reassured us in a humorous way on Jimmy Kimmel Live that UFO disclosure remains a serious topic for many. According to the article, President Obama made a strange UFO admission, something that you might read in any number of science fiction books or see in movies. He said space aliens control the USA, and they are responsible for government secrecy about UFOs.

Author Daniel P. Douglas announced his debut science fiction conspiracy novel, Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project, has been recognized as a finalist in the 17th annual Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards

Author Daniel P. Douglas has announced the audio book release of his latest science fiction novel, 'Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project'. The new audio book is available on Amazon and through iTunes...

Author Daniel P. Douglas has announced the release of his latest science fiction novel, 'Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project'. 

Douglas is a multi-genre author who turns ordinary people into extraordinary heroes. His new science fiction book blends the authenticity of a Tom Clancy novel with the mystery and suspense of 'The X Files'. The new release is centered around the subject of UFO disclosure...

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