Hey everyone, I'm pleased to announce that I have a short story coming out on March 31st on Amazon that's a World War II era science fiction thriller. It's part of my Richter's War series...

RICHTER’S WAR: Case of the Japanese Alien arose out of the following premise: An alien visitor to Earth speaks his first words, which are, essentially, “Take me to your leader.”

The outcome of that premise has a summary that reads something like this: When a World War II battle engulfs Los Angeles, a hard-boiled detective is swept up in the action, and into dangerous and out-of-this-world intrigue. 

Case of the Japanese Alien features a hard-boiled Los Angeles detective of German heritage, Karol Eugen Richter, aka Geno Richter. Geno’s used to taking down Nazis for the War Department, but during one late night in February 1942, circumstances sweep him into unexpected wartime action involving something much more than the typical Nazi conspirators.

Case of the Japanese Alien draws on the mystique of hard-boiled detectives and the strangeness of the rumored enemy attack and anti-aircraft artillery barrage known as “The Great Los Angeles Air Raid” in late February 1942. The story integrates elements of themes related to racism, government, war, society, and human nature amidst action, suspense, humor, Nazis, and an alien named Haruki.

Geno Richter’s a tough hero—He must be tough in order to take on Nazi spies and an apparent alien invasion of Los Angeles. But he’s also tough enough to take a stand against the U.S. Government’s internment of people of Japanese ancestry during World War II. This dreadful episode is a key ingredient of Case of the Japanese Alien, and Geno rises to the occasion in his own special way…

Case of the Japanese Alien has inspired me to write a RICHTER’S WAR series of tales, so look for more of Geno Richter’s mysterious cases down the road.

As a bonus, I’ve also included an excerpt from Book I of my science fiction adventure series, The Outworlds: War Torrent. In Torrent, and throughout the rest of The Outworlds series, unlikely heroes will be called upon to join extraordinary and mysterious struggles. Their sometimes-reluctant choices and actions will put them on a collision course with destiny and reveal unimaginable truths. Their survival will mean confronting personal flaws and doubts, and forging unexpected fates as inspiring new champions in the eternal battle against evil.

I hope you enjoy reading it. I sure enjoyed writing it!

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