When epic evil arises – in the past, present or future – Daniel P. Douglas creates the most unlikely of heroes and calls upon them to join extraordinary and mysterious struggles. His characters' sometimes-reluctant choices and actions put them on a collision course with destiny and reveal unimaginable truths. In every pulse pounding, edge-of-your-seat adventure, survival means confronting personal flaws and doubts, and forging unexpected fates as inspiring new champions in the eternal battle against evil.

In short, Daniel P. Douglas is a multigenre author who turns ordinary people into extraordinary heroes.


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"...Readers will cheer [for Truth Insurrected]... A multigenre espionage tale

that's unquestionably entertaining." -Kirkus Reviews

science fiction books, sci fi books, aliens, conspiracy, kindle ebooks, suspense, thriller booksDaniel P. Douglas explores the theme of unlikely heroes through not only science fiction books, but also in conspiracies, mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels.

His first novel, Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project, centers on a decades-old government cover-up of contact with extraterrestrial life.

Other current and upcoming works include The Outworlds series, which is comprised of sci-fi adventure stories set in the early twenty-fourth century at the fringe of human civilization; Green Bird, a modern-day thriller about an FBI agent racing to stop a cyber terrorist before it’s too late; and a hard-boiled, World War II era detective series called Richter’s War.


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Science Fiction Books, Sci fi military adventure, ancient aliens, alien conspiracy, metaphysical war, action adventure, alien invasion

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science fiction books, sci fi, aliens, conspiracy, alien invasion, first contact, thriller

Reviewers Say:


"[Truth Insurrected] leans much more toward espionage than sci-fi, but its sprinkling of fantastical elements makes it a standout..." -Kirkus Reviews

"...an undeniably entertaining science fiction read... Conspiracy theorists and science fiction fans alike will find Truth Insurrected hard to put down." -Blue Ink Review

"This thrilling mystery about Area 51 brings a personal touch with well-developed characters... complete with cliff-hanging chapters and heart-pounding action." -Foreword Clarion Reviews


"An engrossing, deftly-crafted UFO conspiracy thriller that is easily one of the most successful tales to emerge out of Roswell alien lore." -BestThrillers.com

"An excellent science-fiction/conspiracy thriller...Highly recommended!" -The Columbia Review of Books & Film

Five Stars "...a gripping read, a thriller like no other...a breathtaking ride through an unsettling fictional trope...Truth Insurrected by Daniel P. Douglas has all of the trappings of awesome storytelling..." -Readers' Favorite

"Truth Insurrected is a solid page-turning debut." -Self-Publishing Review  


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